The Path of awakening

Are you in the process of waking up? Wether you realise it or not there is a massive global shift happening as we step into the Age Of Aquarius and go from 3rd dimensional reality to the 5th. It’s the path of the heart – a time of empowerment of the Divine Feminine principle and awakening of our Buddha consciousness that remembers its unity with all beings.

According to South American Indigenous people’s “we are dreaming the wrong dream” – meaning that our aspirations are for things like a bigger house or a new car instead of the healing of ourselves, communities, environment and global peace.

These short-sighted material desires unfortunately do more to support the money greedy agenda on the planet rather than a sustainable future for the next generations.

The Tibetan Medicine Buddha showing the 4 global benefits of plants. 1. healthcare and medicine for the community. 2.economic value creating an income. 3. Healthy plants must come from healthy land which helps preserve the environment. 4.preservation of this wisdom and knowledge represented by the many buddhas on the outer edge of the top of the picture

The Medicine Buddhas values are particularly appropriate for these times, he understands that health comes from having a strong community, healthy land that provides healthy food, medicine and income for its people– see listed under his image.

We however don’t need to wait to become Buddhas before we can understand and live in a way that supports the view that all life is interconnected and our actions have consequences .

The indigenous people’s of the world (before ‘civilisation’ got in the way) lived according to this higher understanding and were a great example of how to live in peace and happiness without damaging the planet.

Higher Consciousness is the key to a healed self and planet, it is the voice of the heart and not the mind that will lead to right action and will put humanity back on track. So take some time to balance ‘doing’ with more ‘being to listen to your hearts wisdom.